Simple Tips in the Selection of Golf Travel and Resorts

Whether you are a novice or professional golfer, you also deserve a break or vacation. Like employees, executives, students and homemakers, golfers too experienced stress. They need a diversion to energize and to relieve the stress they experienced especially after participating in a golf tournament. However, golf travel is not only limited to golfers because ordinary individuals like you can avail and can enjoy is type of vacation.

Playing golf is not only a type of sport or entertainment, but it can be beneficial to your health as well. It is a form of cardiovascular workout that lowers harmful cholesterol in your body and speeds up your metabolism. It also relieves stress and prevents bone degeneration. Aside from its therapeutic benefits, you can also build friendships and gain new friends by playing golf.

Because of its benefits, several individuals, both young and old alike, plan to travel and book in golf resorts, but due to the limited knowledge they have, they have trouble selecting the right golf travel and resorts.

Because of the numerous golf travel and resorts in the market, some encountered trouble in choosing one that suits their budget, preferences and needs. If you are one of these individuals, then this article is for you. Read on and follow steps on choosing suitable golf travel and resorts.

Before deciding or booking to a particular golf travel and resort, you should ask referrals from colleagues, co-players, relatives and family members. You can also surf the Internet to find renowned but cheap golf travel and resort in the market. Take into consideration several facilities and compare their prices, amenities, quality of service and packages offered.

Factors to consider in the selection of golf travel and resort:

* Golf Resort. Before you decide to make reservations, you should examine the vicinity first. Since golf is you main focus, you should evaluate the sports facilities offered by several golf resorts.
* Amenities. Also examine the amenities offered by the resort, like bedroom, living room and entertainment area. Also check adjacent tourist attractions and destinations, including shopping malls, amusement parks, beaches and spas.
* Cost. Before making your final decision, you should examine all the costs associated with your stay in the resort, including, meals, on-site games and activities. If you travel with your family, friends and non-golfers, you should search and consider facilities that offer discounts to non-golfers. Assess if they also offer complimentary transportation service to other attractions.
* Discounts. If you are on a budget, you can search online for golf resort promotions and discount coupons. Some travel agencies also offer travelers like you exclusive discounts on air travel and transfers.
* Golf equipment. As soon as you prepared the reservations and you are ready to go, double check your golf equipment and ensure all your paraphernalia are packed.
* Activities. Before you arrive in the facility, you should plan all your activities beforehand, like participating in golf tournaments, guided tours, shopping, relaxing on beautiful beaches, biking, hiking, mountaineering, kayaking and swimming along the beautiful beaches.

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Tips for First Time Cruise Travellers

In any holiday, planning and looking forward to it is part of the fun. Cruising holidays are certainly no exception.

The first question that comes to the mind to the first time cruise travellers is what to pack.

Even though the answer to this question varies dramatically according to the location and time of the year we can provide one simple guideline: Do not over-pack. On average first time cruisers pack twice the amount of items that they need. It is always recommendable to elaborate a list of items and then stick to it. Some travellers tend to fall in the temptation of packing loads of shoes; it is very important to avoid this temptation as they take out loads of luggage space. Bringing one pair of walking shoes, one pair of casual shoes and one pair of dressy shoes is more than enough.

Some items which are worth remembering are:
- Moisturized wipes: These are very useful while on shore excursions
- Night light to place in the bathroom. This item will come handy to the passengers in the inside cabins.
- Sun glasses and sun cream
- Pack wrinkle free clothes: Just in case the ship has not got any ironing room as the laundry costs tend to be quite expensive.
- Do not pack too many t shirts as you are quite likely to purchase more either onboard or in any of the places you visit.

Other important recommendation is to never pack cash, traveller’s checks or any valuable items in the check in luggage.

It is very important to bear in mind that the embarkation process is a very hectic time to all the cruise personnel therefore we can make the process easier and quicker for them by making sure that we keep all the cruised documents handy.

Most cruised provide a cruise card that makes the function of a charge card; it is recommendable to monitor the balance regularly specially if travelling on a budget.

It is important to remember that most cruises do not give the option to pay with personal checks and not all of them will include an ATM machine though most of them will. Before making any telephone call you should always check the cost as sometimes they can be quite expensive. It is always worth finding out in advance about the roaming feature with your mobile phone operator. Buying a calling card is an option that can save you a considerable amount of money.

Nowadays cruises offer a wide range of shore activities and excursions, it always pays off to reserve early as the most popular cruises tend to be sold within the first two days of the cruise. It is important to get to know the cruise staff early as they have a great knowledge of the activities on offer so they are able to provide sound advice.

Finally for those who tend to get seasick it is important to avoid looking out of the window and remember to pack anti-seasick tablets, by taking half a douse you will avoid feeling drowsy.

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